Compiling the beast on other systems

Today we succesfully compiled and ran the main program on Mac OS X.
The compiler on rt14 is very old, and apparently allows some syntax faults like forgetting inclusion of namespaces. The newer compiler on Mac OS X didn’t eat those, so they had to be fixed.
Two real problems arose. First, the semaphore implementations on Mac OS X are different. As far as we know, semaphore creation is only allowed by name. So that had to be implemented, unfortunately if they aren’t deleted properly, they will stay in the filesystem, and be a pain on the next run. This has to be fixed tomorrow.
Also, SIGRTMIN and SIGRTMAX aren’t defined in Mac OS X. Apparently it works with a setting of 0 and 40.

The run showed that the speed of the simulation is a bit hardware dependent. The ball now moves around and comes to a stop a bit faster, this is also a job for tomorrow to fix.
It will be interesting to see wether or not the newly fixed implementations still compile on rt14.

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