Random coding

Today we didn’t accomplish a whole lot. The debugging system in the AI program has been renamed to “Logger” and is now improved by having different logging levels. A lot more info is now being logged.

We looked around for the client program for a while but couldn’t find the latest version. An older version was recovered though, and it turned out to work after a few adjustments. Did you know that when converting strings to floats in C#, you have to provide formatting info, telling the framework whether you’re using a comma or a dot as the decimal separator? Well, it does. And if you don’t provide it, it will take a guess based on your OS setting. If the guess is wrong (say, trying to convert “1.23″ but using a comma as the separator), the conversion fails silently. That’s kind of nice to know I think.

Our computer turns out not to be too stable – sometimes it just hangs and a reboot is necessary. It’s a bit weird since it’s a fresh installation. Perhaps it has to do with the image it was installed from, not being completely compatible with the hardware?

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