Remote connections and VSS

Today we gave up the plans of compiling the ai on other systems. It was simply too much trouble compared to the setup we’ve created now:

The project is in VSS (microsoft visual source safe) on our windows pc. From there we can retrieve the files on the same computer and from the macbook. When someone wants to compile it, he copies his source files to rt14 (takes a couple of seconds) and compiles and runs it from there. This way we can both edit the files at the same time and we don’t have to wait for the other guy to have some code that compiles – the code in vss must always work.

This way we also have no trouble merging our projects, vs and vss takes care of most of it. We only have to resolve the conflicts that may arise.

Another thing we found out today was that using ssh tunneling through rt14, we can do remote desktopping on the windows machine. This means that we can work from home as long as we are not using the actual foosball table.

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